Great! Let’s continue.

First, I want to introduce myself, so you know where I come from.

Obviously, I cannot use my real name, for reasons I’m sure anyone with an IQ higher than the room temperature can understand.

I will just use Jack Knight.

I can tell you, however, that for the past 15 years I’ve been studying everything about human potential, spirituality and I’ve done everything in my power to get myself out of the matrix. Out of the Rat Race! Out of the Herd!

Still, many years ago, I got sick. Really sick. It was a disease that Pharma said it cannot be cured. They also said that most likely I was going to die in just a few years.

Since I want to keep my privacy, I don’t want to give too many details on that… But I can assure you I had one of the most vicious diseases that exists and I went to countless Pharma doctors that just gave me the same diagnose:

“Incurable And With A Few Years To Live…”

Of course, I was paying a small fortune each time I had to hear that…

And, of course, they gave me a lot of pills to make matters worse… A lot worse…

I was in agony for long periods of time, but I’m not a melodramatic liberal… so to cut to the chase…

Eventually, I was able to fix my health 100% using an all-natural solution.

That happened after years and years of painful research and struggle, trying and trying different solutions, while I was on a countdown to get healthy.

And the only thing that made it take so long was that:

Pharma Is Probably The Biggest Deception
In The History Of The USA

Truth be told, you are not allowed even to tell the truth.

The Pharma Cartel is such a monopoly that not only they control the market, but they even control what can or cannot be said to the public!

If you know a real cure that you know for a fact is working (with proof and case studies), you are not allowed to say that you can “cure” it.

Pharma is not only a monopoly against health, but it’s also the one that is suppressing the most beneficial information that is out there for the people!

How we can cure our diseases using Nature’s cheap and amazing medicine.

They want us to pay fortunes for drugs that are NEVER supposed to heal you. They all have side effects!

And they make most of the money, when someone dies.

Statistics show that in the US, the most spending done by somebody sick is in the last six weeks before they die.

And, like with anything that goes against the Deep State…

Hundreds And Thousands Of Alternative Health Practitioners Die Each Year, In Mysterious Circumstances…

It’s not even about the money… really…

They already have it.

They want you sick, because they want to control you.

It’s about taking your money!

It’s about keeping you down!

What can you expect from the same institutions that were handling the Nazi Camps during World War 2?

It’s a war against information because you never get to see what’s going on, on the stuff that actually matters.

Your freedom, your happiness, your family.

And it’s all about keeping you in the dark… so you cannot understand that you are actually Light.

(Do you think President JFK’s assassination was a coincidence? Think again.)

It’s Time To Rise Up And Stand With Our Founding Fathers, To Protect And Rise Our Country!

We know communism doesn’t work!

We’ve seen it again and again, throughout the world.

And at the root of the communism, unfortunately, is the free stuff that some want and is not deserved... It’s pure greed.

And now, more than ever, there is an assault against our freedom, our rights and our well-being, using socialist agendas that are toxic.

If things were easy, I would tell you that we have this under the bag, but it’s been going on for tens of years.

So we need a plan, not just a quick-fix.

And I’ve been studying for years and years what can be done to help our patriots in the fight against evil.

Turns out, there’s a 3-step plan:

Step #1: Surrender to God

I know that there are many nay-sayers who don’t believe in God… but when they are asked certain questions they remain clueless.

Do you think the beauty of Nature is just something random that happened by accident? Have you really looked at a simple snow flake to see how perfect it is?

Tons of scientists, who are led to believe by the corrupted institutions that there is no God… after they see how the Universe works… they become believers!

Just look at the Sun! Look at the beauty of it! Then truly understand the physics. Understand how it works and it creates Life!

Do you think that this was just a coincidence? It’s just something random?

Non-believers are just ignorant people that don’t want to accept the fact that they are accountable in the eyes of a Higher Authority.

I mean, do you think the Clintons would want to believe in God or not?...

God works in mysterious ways because the greatest power requires the lightest touch.

That’s the trick. God being Perfect, it’s hard for many of us to understand our Creator.

But once you connect with God (which many prefer to call All That Is), you will witness for yourself the magic of Creation.

How To Pray To God

Believe it or not, many don’t know how to pray to our Creator.

Even more, sometimes the forces that were in power, being corrupted by evil, tried to breach our connection with God, by letting us think that our Creator wants to punish us for our deeds.

Which is nothing more far from the truth. Those that commit crimes are punishing themselves!

Praying is not begging, as many churches that have lost the faith, would have you believe.

You pray by thanking God, for what you have been given. You thank in advance for what God will give you, knowing that God supports you in whatever you set your mind!

God loves you unconditionally, so love God back! And you will see how your life transforms for the better.

With God, truly on your side, you can only be victorious!

Step #2: If You Want To Go Fast Go Alone,
If You Want To Go Far Go Together

There’s nothing more important than family and good friends.

Let them know what’s going on. Tell them the Truth. Don’t insist, but do tell them to wake up, in case they aren’t yet.

In the coming ages, as it was predicted by so many prophets, and even Jesus, Heaven can come on Earth.

For that to happen, we must raise our energetic vibration, our thoughts and our feelings.

It’s important to form communities. It’s also important to support all that are not corrupted in places of power, like President Trump.

We must stand against the lies, the deception and the cruel plans that the corrupted forces of evil are trying to lay down on us.

And dismiss them once and for good!

Like the Apostles had courage to carry on and spread the word of our Lord, in spite of them being without Jesus, just by themselves. And they couldn’t do that much, because it was not yet the right time… And they still did it and Christianity were born!

But now it’s the right time, as it was foretold by so many sources that believe in One True God.

Step #3: Get Ready And Let’s Take Action!

Like I said, the biggest cover up is probably Pharma.

We live in a world of energy and vibration.

And Pharma, Big Food and MSM have been continuously tried to keep our vibration down.

The secret is that a person that has a lower emotional vibration (because of food, drugs and others) is almost always afraid.

Their biggest power is keeping the many in fear!

Because, truth be told, they don’t have that much power.

It’s like they play poker, they want to be perceived as something that they are not.

The Most Important Thing Is To Take Back
Control Over Your Mind And Body

Do you remember how I mentioned you are in Matrix in the beginning?

Well, they try to keep people in this Matrix, by feeding you bad foods, by giving you fluoride water to drink or by teaching you how to think via the MSM BS Narrative and Hollywood.

Little is known usually about it, but acidity and toxins are the ones responsible for bad emotions, negative thoughts and lack of energy.

So it’s critical to get yourself cleanse as fast as possible.

That’s why all people who attained to become Saints, usually needed to have very strict diets for very long periods of time.

Because you are what you eat, what you drink, what you think, what you feel…

I know it’s hard for some people, but the more “green stuff” you eat and drink, the better off you are.

Even the Bible says that we need to eat more natural, plants, fruits and vegetables for better health. ,

The Math is simple. When you eat alkaline you heal. When you eat acidic you support viruses and bacteria. It’s important to hear the truth.

But What If You Don’t Have The Discipline Or The Desire To Become All Vegan?...

Here I have some good news.

It’s not like you can fully replace a 100% healthy diet, but for sure there are ways to get ahead very, very fast!

For the past years, I’ve been experimented with hundreds of ingredients and recipes to find out the best stuff to increase my energy, clarity, focus, stamina and intelligence.

And those are things that you want to do too, to bring Heaven on Earth for You.

I’ve tried all kind of products, but I have selected to speak about spirulina, for reasons you will understand very soon!

It was…

Declared SuperFood And The Best Food For The Future By The United Nations in 1974

And that’s just getting us started…

Have you heard about the legendary Aztec treasure?

It’s funny when you learn the truth, but the Aztec treasure is not the gold as in pirate movies, but the food they were eating.

In their Ancient Aztec Scriptures that are often found in Mexico, they speak about the food that gives them “life power”.

If you dig more, you find that the Aztecs were almost invincible and they were able to conquer almost the entire territory that we now know as Mexico!

They had way more strength, higher stamina and a lot more energy than the others!

In fact, when their enemies saw that the Aztecs have such endurance and vitality, one of their leaders sent some people to spy on what they eat.

They returned disappointed saying:

“They’re Barbarians, They Eat Green Mud…”

Little did they knew, that this green blueish “stuff” is literally one of the most powerful foods in existence!

3.5 Billion years ago, when the first microorganisms were born, it is believed Spirulina appeared as one of the first life forms to exist on Earth.

What made Spirulina special was its ability to turn toward the Sun and capture its energy.

Spirulina is the first superfood to exist and it’s one of the most nutrient available foods on the planet!

It contains more proteins than any meat and on top of that it’s supercharged with lots and lots of amino acids and vitamins that your body cells are craving for!

Here’s A Short List Of Some The Things
You Get When You Take Spirulina:

  • All the 10 Essential Amino Acids and 20 Amino Acids in total that work in perfect harmony with your body. Not only it’s not something processed and chemical, but it’s in the best bio available form!
  • B12, which is one of the most essential vitamins we need for our brains and our focus! Many ignorant say you need to eat meat for quality B12, however B12 from spirulina is way higher quality and better absorbed by your body where it needs it.
  • EFA’s – The essential Omega oils are critical for many extremely important things like lowering cholesterol. However, taking fish oil to get your Omegas is literally taking poison – and you will discover more about that very soon!
  • A full spectrum of Vitamins like A, B, C, D, E that are way more potent when you take them from Spirulina, than from other sources.
  • An amazing source of minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Sodium, Chlorine, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Iodine, Molybdenum, Tungsten that are critical in giving you great energy and a mood of feeling good, no matter what.
  • Supercharged active components like Inositol, Thiamine, Tyrosine, Phycocyanin, Folic Acid, Cystine, Arginine, Glutamic Acid, Gamma-Linoleic, Acid that have an overwhelming positive impact on your body.
  • And the list could go on and on, that I could even write a small book. And I’m not exaggerating at all!

Spirulina is so powerful that it was named by many:

A Blessed Fountain of Energy And Youth!

We are still under the rules and laws of Pharma. And I’m NOT allowed to say anything, except that only their drugs can cure disease…

But let’s just say … The Good Spirulina… has a tremendous positive impact on stuff like:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Diabetes (and especially Type II Diabetes)
  • Fungal infections
  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson
  • Herpes
  • Allergies
  • Viral infections
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Toxins
  • And many, many more with …

Zero Side Effects!

The list is much bigger, because you can fight with Spirulina against any disease!

And that’s because Spirulina greatly improves your immune systems.

And has other laboratory observed effects like:

  • Increases libido
  • Gives you more stamina
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Eliminates pain
  • Clears brain fog
  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Greatly improves liver health
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Stabilizes heart rhythm
  • Fat loss
  • Cleans up your blood
  • And that’s just the beginning!

In fact, I could go on and on about it…

But like I said, I’m not even allowed to say everything good that it does!

So to make sure I don’t swamp you with too many little things, I will just give you probably the biggest benefit that Spirulina has to offer…

And this is where it gets ugly…

Here goes:

The #1 Health Enemy That We’ve Been Having
For Centuries… And It’s Still Off The Radar!

Can you guess what it is?...

I can’t blame you if you don’t, because most people are really unaware of it…

It’s Mercury!

Also known as quicksilver, mercury is a heavy metal that in natural form is liquid. And that creates a lot of confusion for a lot of people. But yes, mercury in its regular form is liquid, just like oil!

And it’s so dense, that other metals flow on top of it as you can see in the picture below:

Being liquid, it goes into your body deep into your organs and your brain, creating havoc and feeding all sorts of nasty stuff like viruses, bacteria and all the infectious-diseased spreading cells!

The problem is that there are so many sources from where we take Mercury, that most people have no clue:

  • Seafood, especially big fish like Tuna or Swordfish
  • All fish oil products – it’s even worse because it’s destabilized and concentrated
  • Dental fillings with amalgam
  • From the air as vapors
  • And even from our mother, when we were in her womb, passed out through generations!

Just as a side note, Pharma, 150 years ago, used to give people to drink a glass full of mercury as a cure all solution for diseases… And even Abraham Lincoln fell victim to it!

Countless studies have been conducted, and in all of them, virtually all people had mercury in their bodies!

Mercury Is Currently Found In Many Pharma
Treatments, Including Vaccines For Babies!

Because mercury is liquid and very dense, it gets into the organs and in the brain and it doesn’t get out!

You cannot flush it through sweat and exercise, like you could with other toxins!

It creates A LOT of fatigue and is one of the leading root causes in:

  • Dementia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • All forms of autoimmune diseases
  • Feeds Bacteria and Viruses
  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Memory Loss
  • Hair Loss
  • Insomnia
  • Libido Loss
  • And so many more!

Heck, it’s so bad, that it’s estimated that over one billion people have died or suffered great health damage because of mercury. Yes, with a B!

Fortunately, Spirulina is one of the very few superfoods that can disable, disarm and eliminate mercury from your body.

And this is…

Probably The Most Important Thing
YOU Can Do For Your Health And Well Being!

Now this may not sound great, but it’s not possible to eliminate mercury very fast… It’s not instant. It’s not overnight.

But you will start feeling better and better the moment you start taking spirulina.

In a few days, after taking spirulina:

  • You will lower your blood pressure
  • Have sudden bursts of fresh energy that wasn’t there before
  • You will start losing weight
  • Your skin will start to glow more and more
  • A lot of pain from your body will disappear
  • Your focus will improve a lot
  • You will eliminate a lot of negative thoughts and emotions
  • You will feel as if you actually get younger!
  • And so many more benefits, that I don’t even want to spoil it all out for you now! Just see it for yourself!

Depending on how much mercury you have in your body, you will get to improve your overall energy and health, day by day!

And you will feel better and better, as if you were on a super expensive Stem Cell plan!

So, What’s The Catch? Why It’s Not Known Yet
To Everybody How Great Spirulina Is?

The bad news is that most of the stuff that gets sold now as spirulina… is not really the good stuff… and that just to be nice about it.

In order to make more profits, companies use Chinese knock-offs or in best case scenarios diluted versions of regular Spirulina… that is cultivated and a lot weaker than the real thing…

I mean… what to expect when China sells sometimes plastic rice and the food you find in McDonald’s and the likes is anything but real food?

The chances of getting something fake are very high!

Even Wikipedia admits… The Chinese State Food and Drug Administration reported that lead, mercury, and arsenic contamination was widespread in spirulina supplements marketed in China.

Now, let me ask you…

Do You Think That Our Fat Cat Corporations
Would Care To Use Something Better?

I don’t really need your answer for that one…

It was such a problem for me to find legitimate spirulina that at some point, I even thought that it’s all gone… Like they destroyed through GMO corn and soy!

Luckily, I have found a source of Spirulina in Ireland… one of the very few places where you can still get the good stuff.

The seaweed comes directly from the Atlantic Ocean and is not grown artificially, as with the other stuff.

Ireland’s Atlantic Coast is one of the cleanest waters in the world, due to low population density, low intensive farming and a lack of large industrial areas in the region.

Spirulina there is hand-harvested locally with respect for the marine environment. And that means, that only a limited quantity is gathered and dried at low temperatures to protect its nutrients and essential phytochemicals that work wonders!

I’ve worked out a deal with these guys and I was able to secure some of their treasure.

This is bottled in the US now and I’m proud to present you:

Patriot Rise Up
Your Fountain Of Health

By now, you are probably asking what is the price for a bottle…

I care a lot more about giving this to people that really need it than to make a profit.

Truth be told, I don’t even know if I will actually make too much profit, since there are so many costs in producing these and the Pharma Cartel can come after me at any time…

Or anyone in the “establishment” could close this website, without even giving us a notice.

And, in reality, something like this could easily sell for $300, $500 or even $1000 a bottle. If only people knew how priceless this pure natural resource really is and how dramatic are the effects once you start taking it...

On the other hand, healthcare cost in America is ridiculous. Even for small stuff they can do in few minutes, they can charge you thousands of dollars.

But if you actually take the right stuff and pay a little attention to what you eat, you don’t even need all that.

Who Needs To Go To A Doctor When You’re Healthy And You Remain That Way?

Americans feel so secure when they have health insurance.

But some doctors are like butchers.

In fact, malpraxis (when a doctor makes a fatal mistake) is one of the leading causes of death in the US!

And most cases of malpraxis are covered up. It’s easy for corrupt doctors to hide their trail. (Not all doctors are corrupt of course. And there are doctors that try as hard as possible, but they have their hands locked by Pharma!)

Also, think about autoimmune diseases. In some cases, the chance of fixing them is less than 10%. And they do that with barbarian procedures like radiation or chemo. Now, that’s similar to torture!

And they still call that a treatment and sometimes demand hundreds of thousands or even millions – even if you die!

So why would you think that just because you have health insurance you are safe?

I don’t get it…

That’s why I decided that the retail price for a bottle which lasts for a month, should be $97.

It’s a steal of a deal!

However, I Will Offer You A Special Discount Just Once…
And I Mean It!

As an introductory price, because we have just started, I will provide Patriot Rise Up at a price of $67 per bottle.

And I can only guarantee that I can keep this price for the next 500 bottles.

To give the lucky ones, such as YOU are (since you are reading this), an offer you’d be insane to refuse.

Because you are still in time and you are one of the first to see this…

I really believe there are no accidents.

You are on this website now, and that’s no coincidence.

While I still can, I will give you the best deal that I could give, even for my family and friends:


1 Bottle

$59.00 Per Bottle

Total: $59.00

No Savings

Your total is: $59.00

$9.95 shipping and handling


5 Bottles

$39.00 Per Bottle

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Your total is: $195.00

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3 Bottles

$49.00 Per Bottle

Total: $147.00

Save $30

Your total is: $147.00

Free shipping and handling

But I will stop this offering, in case I have difficulties with supplies, when I reach the limit of product that my source from Ireland can give…

…or in case, the same sources raise prices… which is very likely.

So, you know I’ve done my duty: this offer is available NOW.

And don’t come angry at me when you see the prices higher... or even worse … there’s no more product, because the limited supply from my sources are gone… or because Pharma interferes…

There is a war going on real health and, at this point, I cannot guarantee anything about the future…

What Is The Price That You Put On Your Health?

That’s the real question…

And I know you don’t even know me. I just told you that I’m Jack Knight.

So to make it fair, I will give you this iron clad guarantee:

You get 180 days of ”test-driving” this amazing natural resource!

And if, for any reason, you are unhappy with the product and it doesn’t live up to your expectations…

You will get a complete refund!

And you don’t even have to send the bottles back!

Now, how is that for a guarantee?

I pray that not many free-loading democrats take me up on my offer… to be honest here.

So, if you want to make sure that you get this guarantee, you must act now… Because this offer can stop at any time…

I know I put myself a bit at risk here, but I believe that the customer is king and that’s how I would want to be treated.

I’m still having some second thoughts about this, because what I’m offering is extremely limited spirulina and not some Chinese knock-off…

And know that I may remove this very soon, the moment I see that there are jerks that abuse this.

But for now, the good news is that there’s no risk for you!

There are only safe natural amazing health benefits.

Just think about it:

NASA Uses Spirulina For Space Travelers!

Those are extreme conditions to survive in.

They found that 1 Pound of Spirulina had the same nutrients found in 1,000 Pounds of other Greens and Super Foods.

It has been developed into muesli bars for ESA astronauts living on the International Space Station.

So, you really don’t want to miss out on this one!

Knowing this and not doing anything about it would be a sin. So, I urge you, give this (and your health) a fair try NOW.

You risk nothing and stand to gain everything! The safety of your health restored and locked.

So, I’ve done my duty.

Now, this is on you.

PLUS, if you get your supply NOW, you also get a 2 FREE BONUS gifts:


A book that offers a better understanding of insomnia and also the secrets to helping you getting a deeper and peaceful sleep, so you face a new day with joy and ease.


A very important review of the most dangerous beverages and pills out there and also of some toxic habits most people have.

Also, some lies that Big Pharma feeds you, revealed. PLUS, what simple things you must avoid in order to get your health back!

So, get your health batch of 5 pure spirulina bottles NOW

Together with your FREE GIFTS & shipping, and you save almost $350

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to change your life for the better… If you wanted to get out of the socialist rat race…

This is it!

This is the sign.

You snooze, you lose.

And I hope that True Love (God’s Energy) will prevail and you will sense it in your heart that you owe it to yourself… to give yourself a chance at this.

I’m confident on my part.

You just have to experience this for yourself and you will see too.

Believe it and you will see it! Exactly as Jesus was saying.

I want to thank you nevertheless and I wish you:

Let’s Bring Heaven on Earth!

-- Jack Knight

Patriot in Charge


1 Bottle

$59.00 Per Bottle

Total: $59.00

No Savings

Your total is: $59.00

$9.95 shipping and handling


5 Bottles

$39.00 Per Bottle

Total: $195.00

Save $100

Your total is: $195.00

Free shipping and handling


3 Bottles

$49.00 Per Bottle

Total: $147.00

Save $30

Your total is: $147.00

Free shipping and handling

Just Added:

PS: Some people have already asked if I could give them larger quantities at further discount. I don’t intend to make something wholesale out of this, because this product (spirulina) is very limited. I’m already stressing my close friends to get enough supply for themselves, while they still can. At any time, something could happen… and the current source I have for this product could be gone.

PPS: Some people are already raving about Patriot Rise Up and I thought you would like to check out what they have to say:

*In case you have something to say and you send it to me, I promise that if you allow me to publish it, I will protect your privacy.


1 Bottle

$59.00 Per Bottle

Total: $59.00

No Savings

Your total is: $59.00

$9.95 shipping and handling


5 Bottles

$39.00 Per Bottle

Total: $195.00

Save $100

Your total is: $195.00

Free shipping and handling


3 Bottles

$49.00 Per Bottle

Total: $147.00

Save $30

Your total is: $147.00

Free shipping and handling

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