This Page Contains EXTREMELY Sensitive Information That Some Of The People In Power, Don’t Want YOU To Find Out About…

Lock Your Door, Grab Something To Drink And Get Ready, Because What You’re About To Read Is NOT For The Faint Of Heart! It Is THAT Serious!

Dear Patriot,

I’m sure you know a thing or two about how things always get worse, before they get better.

And the TRUTH is that, most people have been living in a Matrix, thinking things are pretty good…

While some of the people in power are still laughing, doing all they can to consistently break you and our society down… So, they can become even more Elite…

You think you are Free? Think again! …

While the average hard-working American struggles even multiple jobs to make another day, the Government and the Deep State is almost inviting all the nutcases of the world to create havoc in our very own homes...

They ignore the word “illegal” when it doesn’t fit their narrative…

And this doesn’t happen just in US… It’s all over Europe as well… And it’s a disaster there too!

They Allow Illegals To Come To Our Country To Rape And Pillage… And Then Use That To Strong Arm Us To Take Our Guns…

Now with all the shootings, they want more than ever to take our guns, without sound reason!

Look at Chicago! How is that working out?

Even President Trump tweeted „The most stringent gun laws in the U.S. happen to be in Chicago - and look what is happening there!”

Chicago is known to have some of the strictest laws for gun control.

Do you think that is ever going to stop criminals?

Think again…

Gun Free Zone

And when most would think, things couldn’t get worse…

While They Come For Your Guns,
They Also Come After Your Freedom of Speech!

You heard that right! Freedom of speech!...

You want proof?

With the recent Jeff Epstein “suicide”, of course the Mainstream Media (or MSM), tried as usual to feed us BS after BS.

Which somehow the average idiot (or liberal) is happy to receive….

President Trump just retweeted something unusual…

Comedian Terrance K. Williams came up with facts how the Clinton’s have a long history of body trails … and used #ClintonBodyCount and #ClintonCrimeFamily…

This is a small video about it:

He knew he will get lashed by the media for even daring to accuse the Clintons of doing something wrong! So he had to retweet himself, to make sure the State, Media and people notice what’s going on with the murders..

But do you see what’s going on?

Nobody talks about it anymore… and Trump gets accused by MSM that he is supporting “conspiracy theories”…

Business as usual…


So what the heck is actually going on with those hashtags?

Upon some research… you see tons and tons of posts that give a very long list of bodies!

Here is just one of them:

Clinton and friends

And That’s Actually One Of The Short Lists!

What’s even more interesting is that many of the cases are under extremely suspicious conditions… and have something in common:

The dead cannot talk!

And it’s people like:

Mister Vincent Not Van Gogh


King Leoric

Or even media people like


And the list goes on and on with very suspicious crimes, accidents and “suicides”, that don’t get much coverage by the MSM.

In the era of the “politically correct”, all the stuff that is inconvenient just gets labeled as conspiracy theory or some other mumbo jumbo term and gets bashed!

So What Do You Have To Say About
Your Freedom Of Speech Now?...

Well, believe it or not, it gets worse… but more on that a bit later. And it’s not all bad news…

But before that I want to get rid of all the liberal mumbo jumbos or other wackos.

So, in case you think this is just another page that has little to do with reality, please leave now.

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